Galleria Biasutti & Biasutti 2013

Giulio Camagni. The still light of a timeless world


Everything is muffled, silent, almost unnatural; it seems to me as if I could hear the brushes bringing the canvas to life.


They are the means to go straight to the heart, to reveal that painting is love. Giulio’s paintings, the paintings of this friend of mine (guys like him are rare), are like chapters of a great book, the book of life, a life made out of painting and those perceptions we are often not really aware of and that accompany us in our daily life.

Red ash

It’s kind of difficult to be found and Camagni lately kind of prefers the gray one, of stronger intensity and as beautiful; the red ash used to fill the canvases with charm, though.


You perceive it by considering painting after painting, canvas after canvas, paper after paper as the product of the above mentioned ingredients mastered together by a painter –a gifted one – and an artist, for every of his works has got a soul.


Not many words are required to describe how passionate Giulio Camagni is about his task. An enduring research to get to the diaphanous light he is going after layer of paint upon layer, never really losing contact to the one underneath. Lines ploughing the souls, a map, a pilot book filled with jottings that might be useful to face the challenges of life. Giulio’s painting is experience, toil and reason. And if it is true that the first, most demanding and critical spectator of a painting is the artist himself, in the back of his skull he is conscious that the public is entitled to deliver its own verdict: but does it all matter when the artist knows that he has given shape to exactly that mystery that was crying for getting out of the darkness of the unconscious?


The beautiful city where he lives and works, its gentle light caressing his spirit as to brighten it up and give him the balanced strength he needs for new paintings.


Memories, perceptions and true emotions shine through Camagni’s paintings and are offered to everyone who shares his research and longing. To sum it up: to just observe without explaining or giving any interpretation.