Gallerie Artmark Vienna 2013

During the summer prior to the exhibition I felt I was done with the kind of painting I had been working on lately, I felt I had to leave room for a change to happen; I was in Italy at our family country house, my brother Francesco was working with the chainsaw on some big fallen trees and I asked him to cut me some pieces that I then begun to work on, helped by my sons (who where not set 4 and 5 years old at that time). It was real fun. I never cared about making “Art”, it was just what I wanted and needed. Later on, in studio I polished and coloured them. It was as if they paved the way to a development, a new approach to painting.
The day we unpacked the paintings and the wood objects (I call them “legni”) in the gallery I was a bit excited because I knew that Thomas was expecting stripes and I brought him something he had no idea of instead, but boy, he liked them!
At the opening the kids begun to play with the legni as if they where in the playground: it was beautiful.